Almost won $5K

This guy walks into a bar, and he sees a giant jar full of $20 bills right on the counter. There must easily be five grand in it... He asks the bartender about it, and the bartender goes "we have an ongoing challenge here... If you want to try it you put a $20 in the jar then you have to do 3 things: first, drink up a whole bottle of a flamin' hot pepper liquor without stopping. Then, the owner has a mean pitbull with a sore tooth tied out in the back ally, you have to pull out his sore tooth with your bare hands. Then, there is an old lady living upstairs that never had an orgasm in her life. You got to make it right by her and make her come. If you do all three, the whole jar is yours." The guy goes that's crazy, it's impossible.

After a few drinks he gets some courage and goes "what the hell, I'll try it." He sticks a $20 in the jar and asks for the pepper liquor. He downs the whole thing at one go, and slams the empty bottle down. The guy staggers out the back door into the alley, to take care of the pitbull, and all hell breaks loose. From the bar they can hear the dog growling, yelping, barking, garbage cans being knocked over... This goes on for quite a while and just as people inside are starting to worry, he flings the door open and says "alright, now where is that old lady with the sore tooth?"

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