Why candles produce smoke only when blown out? What is candle smoke? + 2 experiments

Why do candles burn without smoke but produce smoke when blown out? This video covers the basics and includes two experiments involving candle smoke. One of the experiments is a well-liked, magic-trick-like demonstration, where you get to light a candle from a distance. THESE EXPERIMENTS REQUIRE ADULT SUPERVISION! Dealing with candles, lighters, matches is very dangerous. Fires can cause serious injuries, massive property damage, and can even be fatal.

Clean and clear waves, excellent footage from Nolan Omura

There are many people taking photographs and footage of waves and Nolan Omura is one that creates some of my favorites. He lives and shoots in Hawaii, and is a very young photographer with hopefully a bright future and many lovely images to come. (Assuming it is current, his bio on his website says he's 17 at the time of this posting.)

Check out Nolan's instagram for more beauty. Below is just one of the gems; an excellent crispy colorful shot of a gorgeous wave:

Turkish Proverb on friendship & coffee

"The heart seeks neither coffee nor coffeehouse. The heart wants friendship, coffee's an excuse." Translated from its original in Turkish: "Gönül ne kahve ister ne kahvehane. Gönül sohbet ister kahve bahane." It's a lovely proverb with a non-materialist attitude, reminding us of  the importance of our real needs.

Dear Brother - Johnnie Walker

Dear Brother
Walking the roads of our youth
through the land of our childhood, our home and our truth
Be near me, guide me
always stay beside me so i can be free, free

Lets roam this place
familiar and vast
our playground of green frames, our past

We were wanderers
never lost, always home

When every place was fenceless
and time was endless
our ways were always the same

Cool my demons and walk with me brother
until our roads lead us away from each other
and if your heart’s full of sorrow, keep walking, don’t rest
and promise me from heart to chest
to never let your memories die, never

I will always be alive and by your side,
in your mind

I'm free