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Thought-provoking article from the OnionSportsNetwork.com:
UFC Fighter Has Idea For T-Shirt With A Bunch Of Sh*t Written All Over It

LAS VEGAS—Mixed martial artist Phillipe Nover announced design plans Thursday for a new T-shirt that he claimed would be completely covered in hundreds of dumbsh*t fighting terms and stupid f**king tribal patterns. "This shirt will feature a rambling assortment of worthless violent images and words, like 'grapple' and 'slam,' all thrown together in the most unappealing colors possible," said Nover, adding that graphics would include spray-painted angel wings, laughing skulls wearing crowns, random splatter marks, and other images so idiotic they could only appeal to 8-year-old boys or emotionally undeveloped middle-aged men. When asked if the inside tag would also feature an unsightly design, Nover admitted he had not yet thought of that but would be sure to include "machine guns or naked lady silhouettes or something else that's stupid."
Image from mmaoverload.com

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