Potential cure for migraines: Rosemary tea recipe

I'd hate to waste anyone's time or give false hope, but rosemary teas completely stopped my migraines so I wanted to share this. If this helps just one of you it would be worth it.

I started having migraine headaches just before my 30s. After about 4-5 years of occasional migraines, I came across some articles online that mentioned rosemary might help. There was a rosemary plant in our yard at the time so I decided to try it. Migraines are terrible and I was willing to try anything that could help, but rosemary is a beneficial herb anyway, so I figured even if it didn't do anything for my migraines, I didn't have anything to lose. After rosemary teas I had maybe one or two more migraines that were noticeably lighter, and then they completely stopped. I had a 3-4 years that were completely migraine-free but we ended up moving out of that house. Since I wasn't having migraines anymore I got comfortable and forgot about the rosemary teas. About a year and half after we moved (and I stopped having rosemary teas) my migraines started again. Of course, I went and got myself a rosemary plant and started making the teas right away. Thankfully, it worked again and my migraines stopped for the 2nd time. I have (once more) been migraine-free for about 2 years now. I hope it will stay that way, and I hope these rosemary teas will help cure your migraines as well. I apologize in advance if they don't work for you and I end up wasting your time. I wish you all well.

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