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Relationships, and "this too shall pass"

This is a very cool video and it made me think of relationships; each ball is doing its own thing, always at the same frequency, they don't change over time. But the relationship between them changes. For brief periods they seem to be in harmony and shortly after they seem unrelated and things seem chaotic. Romantic and non-romantic relationships are kinda like this too. No friendship or romance ever jives forever, even though the individuals involved don't seem to have changed all that much. Maybe it's just a matter of the point in time that you get to know them. Even in strong, long-lasting relationships you'll have periods of dissonance and harmony. So if you don't seem to be currently in harmony with those around you, "this too shall pass," maybe be patient and understanding, and trust that better days will likely come. And if your relationships currently seem to be harmonious, enjoy them and be grateful, but -1; understand that "this too shall

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