Pruning jade plants (crassula, money tree)

Sometimes jades need a trim so that they can be both better looking and healthier. Like most succulents, jades (crassula, aka; money tree) tolerate pruning pretty well. But still, there's no need to make more cuts than what's best for our plant. And it's not good to unnecessarily traumatize the plant, or interfere too much with its natural beauty. In essence, we should only cut the problematic branches that waste our plant's resources. In this video I explain how to go about pruning jades and share some helpful tips.

The pruning principles explained in this video applies to most plants and trees as well.

By the way; if you prune your jade, don't throw away the branches you cut off. Check out my earlier video here so to see how you can propagate more jade plants with those cuttings. It's very easy.

For more videos on plant care and propagation:

Happy planting, and thanks for watching!


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